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December 20 2011


Update :: Corey
The tour ended a week ago and I am beginning to return to Normal Life. The feeling, now familiar to me, is a bit like being a fallen leaf, settling back down to earth after a brief ride in the turbulent winds of a tornado that just blew through town, leaving only a silent wake. The end of all tours is difficult, but this one especially so, because it was just so much damned fun. Part of the reason for that is the fantastic group of people involved. You all know the band of Justin Bennett, William Morrison, Jeff Smith, and, of course, Ogre himself, but I want to underscore the amazing work of the crew this time around. Without tour manager and engineer Jenn O. Cide, stage tech and occasional guitarist Matthew Setzer, and VIP wrangler extraordinaire, Dre Robinson, the show you enjoyed simply could not have happened. Everyone went above and beyond and I feel privileged to have been a small part of such a team. I also want to thank each and every person who introduced themselves at the merch table and spoke kind words about Litany. It truly meant a lot. And another thank you to all of the friends who came out to see us and helped me stay sane on the road. It is an amazing feeling to pull into a city knowing there will be a friendly face, even if just for a few minutes amidst piles of t-shirts. I think I can be bold enough to speak for everyone involved and say that we all hope to be able to do it again very soon.

Check out the photo gallery I've posted on the Facebook for glimpses of a few moments I was able to capture here and there.

As promised before the launch of the recent ohGr tour, the band is now putting out a call for any recordings you might have made of the shows, with an eye towards using them as a component of a tour document. Here is a statement straight from the band:::

We've prepared an email address where material can be sent and suggest the use of the free file transfer service "Wetransfer". If a hypothetical Western Fallout tour documentary were to materialize, all contributors whether we use their offerings or not would be credited, so audio and/or video files should be included in a folder containing a text file with full name and contact information. Offerings should be sent to:

Send that stuff in and keep reading here for an announcement of the winner of the Fear Head raffle.

December 05 2011


Update :: Corey
happy birthday ogre

Ogre gets surprised onstage with a birthday cake after the clock strikes midnight.

happy birthday ogre

Bill Morrison leads the crowd in a rendition of Happy Birthday to a grateful Ogre.

joe vizvary and gary blair smith

Images in Vogue's Joe Vizvary, longtime contributor of massive amounts of information to Litany, and Gary Blair Smith, the man who single-handedly kept me sane on the European tour.

December 05 2011


Update :: Corey
Ogre VIPs in Vancouver

Good mornternoon from the tour bus speeding along through snowy mountains on our travel day like a rocket propelled by coffee, stage grime, and good wishes for Ogre's birthday. As we sit gathered on our respective laptops here, me going over merch numbers, Bill looking at some gorgeous footage he shot of last night's show, I wanted to take a second to post a bit about a new element to the VIP access. In addition to what is listed on the website, Ogre has decided to add an extra raffle. One randomly chosen member of the VIP group for each show will receive a one-of-a-kind prop personalized by Ogre used during that evening's performance. So far the VIP access has been a success all around. Ogre is really glad to get to sit and speak with fans when he is not covered in stage sweat and makeup after a show and VIP-master Dre says everyone has been having a great time. There are only 25 VIP slots available, so get your pass now if you want to get in the running.

Visit here for info.

And visit our forum tour section for meetups, show reviews, photos, videos, and more.

December 03 2011


Update :: Corey
Dre Tackles Jesus

Dre Robinson, Puppy record contributor and airborne ohGr tour crew member extraordinaire, says "stay off the stage!"

Photo courtesy of Impose Magazine, who have a fantastic review and photo set here. We're on our way to Seattle after a great night in Portland. See you there tonight at the merch booth!

December 01 2011


Update :: Corey
ohgr tour teaser

A teaser image from the rehearsal studio submitted to rev your your anticipation as the bus pulls into San Francisco for the first show of the ohGr tour. I've had the privilege of hearing the band run through the set in rehearsal and I can say that this is not a tour any fan should ever miss. Hearing Ogre, Bill, Jeff, and Justin together as a band again gave me goosebumps. In a few minutes I'll go and set up the merchandise and hope to squeeze in a few brief reenactments of my favorite San Francisco-set film, So I Married an Axe Murder, before the show gets underway.

Check out our forum for meet ups, etc.

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