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December 13 2013


Update :: Corey
Subconscious Vampire

Subconscious has launched a brand-new website at

The new site features a 24/7 radio station featuring over 60 hours of archived programming and live broadcasts on Fridays with music composed and mashed up live by the DJs, including a lot of previously unreleased Puppy and related material.

Also debuting is Subcon's latest module, the Model 52 Vampire:::

Not yet another LFO/VCO pair, the Model 52 Vampire is a dense timbral pitch source that will re-animate even the most cadaverous patch. Similar to a complex oscillator, VCO1 is pre-routed through panel switching and jack 'normalling' to synchronize and frequency modulate VCO2's linear or exponential inputs. Like a Dual Oscillator, two full range oscillators provide a fat audio output with six possible waveforms each individually and externally available for synchronization and external modulation.

Then things start to get out of hand

The usual voltage controlled MORPH effect is re-imagined to cross-fade VCO2's PWM waveform to the output of a voltage controlled wave-scanner providing dynamism that is truly 'un-dead'.

VCO1 provides either a Ramp or Triangle waveform to Window (envelope) either VCO2's Sin2 waveform or jacked in External Audio to range from near articulation to buzzy, chopped, alias-like revenant audio.

Based upon Triangle cores, Vampire oscillators provides clean sawtooth waveforms and a hard-sync of consistent direction for enveloping waveforms. A panel switch allow Frequency coupling/un-coupling from 1V/octave input.

The other sections of the site will be up soon. Check it out right here.

December 05 2013


Update :: Corey
happy birthday ogre

On behalf of everyone here at Litany, here's wishing a happy birthday to Ogre. I hope today brings endless happy moments.

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