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December 29 2014


Update :: Corey
Charlies Family vinyl

Charlie's Family, Download's oft-overlooked (and currently out of print) soundtrack album for Jim Vanbebber's film, is finally being released on vinyl. Due in February, the album is available with three different vinyl color choices, or as a special set of all three, via Artoffact Records.

Since its initial release as a limited edition exclusive for Download's 1996 tour, Charlie's Family has remained one of the more obscure and under-discussed items in the Skinny Puppy related catalog. Darkly unnerving, the album paints jittery, unsettled colors in the stylistic space between Furnace and Skinny Puppy's Last Rights. Included is Gristle Dog Corr, constructed partly from the famed Puppy Gristle session.

Noisey recently interviewed cEvin Key about the making of this release. Here's a clip:::

I remember when this was compiled. We had just gone through our own hell in Malibu, doing The Process, so I could relate to a lot of the energies of a drug-soaked ranch gone wrong quite well. A lot of these pieces were made in that house, and then some were made later, after we escaped that, and we were seemingly on the road to finishing The Process as it should have been, with Rave Ogilvie. So, I had a window to assemble all of the material for this. It was a bit like a exorcism, getting rid of the material and taking it to a place where it could be used as a suitable soundtrack for what modern-era Spahn Ranch kids may have sounded like.

Pre-order the set or individual color choices here.

December 05 2014


Update :: Corey
happy birthday ogre

On behalf of everyone here at Litany, here's wishing Ogre a fantastic birthday today. We hope it treats you well and is the start of another great year.

The tour is just getting started but I was lucky enough to catch two shows and in my expert and jaded-with-the-crust-of-age opinion, this is not a tour that a Skinny Puppy fan can afford to miss. Get yourself there for the soul recharge that you know you desperately need - and get there early to catch Youth Code!

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