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August 27 2011


Update :: Corey
Skinny Puppy Handover

I type this sitting amidst the furious winds and rains of hurricane Irene battering my window as well as those of everyone else on the east coast of the US. Apparently there are tornadoes touching down a few towns over from me, so hopefully I will get this posted before I lose power or one or more walls. My best to everyone dealing with the storm, I hope you and your loved ones and pets are safe, dry, and warm.

Skinny Puppy's long-awaited new album, Handover, will be released in the US on October 25th and in Europe on October 28th.

Here is the track listing:::

1. ovirt
2. cullorblind
3. wavy
4. ashas
5. gambatte
6. icktums
7. point
8. brownstone
9. vyrisus
10. village
11. noisex

I should have a higher-res version of the artwork and further details shortly. For now I am going to prepare some candles and find my copy of Maldoror in case I end up spending the rest of the night reading in the semi-dark.

Skinny Puppy Handover

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